Deep Coaching

You have unlimited power and capacity for mental, emotional, and spiritual evolution and development

Our Deep Coaching program will enable you to feel and hear the orchestra of your deep-seated values and internal purpose as a  call to an awakening within. The course empowers you to take your inner self-discovery to an entirely new level, bringing you to a profound new self-awareness of your purpose and goals. It comes wholly from your very own well-spring of self-discovery.

There are different levels of awareness that we can expose to our subconscious questions and answers and the program will enable you to unveil many hidden levels of self-awareness that will manifest continually. A lot of people have become aware of the profound enquiry they can make in 4 separate but easy integrity areas where they discover their own resources for connecting with their own subconscious inner guidance.

Deep Coaching Program Outline:
  1. Intro to the Deep Coaching method of inner growth
  2. Spiritual Coaching vs other methods of coaching
  3. Regarding inner growth scientifically
  4. Aligning ourselves and the world around us to our inner journey
  5. Moving beyond our intimacy issues into deeper awareness with our truth
  6. Resolving personal conflicts with others
  7. Harnessing 2nd-tier thinking with coaching vision
  8. Exploring our inner journey as a healing gateway
  9. Application of alignment metaphors to our inner journey
  10. Changing to “WE” thinking as a new context, humanity and the need to recognise key distinctions we can work and build with
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January 10, 2019
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