ICF Certified Coach Training

Training for and achieving your professional ICF accreditation is an integral part of your coaching profession. We have made the whole process of ICF certified coach training as plain and simple as possible for you.

Your Commitment to Coaching

Achieving your ICF certified coach training with the ICF (International Coach Federation) proves to potential clients your commitment to the coaching field and shows your industry-wide credibility and qualification. Here are a few factors about why coaching certification is so important:

  • Surveys tell that 84% of clients prefer certification as a professional standard of quality assurance
  • Certified coaches nearly always have a higher income than non-certified coaches
  • Clients who have sessions with ICF certified coaches report a better experience and are twice as likely to recommend their coach to others

Due to the fact that we regulate standards, techniques and core competencies for ICF certified coach training, the International Coach Federation makes sure that business coaches, life coaches, and executive coaches are experienced, reliable and integral professionals who follow a strict code of ethics. There are 3 levels of coaching certification that ICF offers - ACC, PCC and MCC. (You can read about each level at the bottom of this page).

Being a world-wide recognised and ICF-accredited coach training institute, Erickson's ICF certified coach training programs are highly esteemed as going above and beyond the strict standards of the ICF and turning over highly-qualified coaches. Since achieving ICF certification is so important to your coaching profession, we have made the route to certification as plain and simple as possible.

Find out how Erickson International equips you for successful ICF Certification as a business coach, life or executive coach by clicking the link below.

Accredited Coach Training Program (ACTP)

The Art & Science of Coaching meets all of the International Coach Federation's educational and practical requirements while supporting you through the whole ICF application process.

Please Note: Finishing Modules I – IV of The Art & Science of Coaching meets ACSTH prerequisites only; Module V is needed to complete the ACTP.

Erickson International has undergone a thorough process of accreditation with the ICF and is one of an elite few to have achieved the much sought after designation of Accredited Coach Training Program. Accredited programs are constantly scrutinised and evaluated for improved excellence in the curriculum, competencies, faculty, structure, efficiency, and good ethics to bring the highest standard of quality coach training.

Become ICF Certified

ICF Recognized Credentials

ICF Associate Certified Coach (ACC)

Upon completion of all 5 Modules of The Art & Science of Coaching, you will have attained 4 out of 6 of the ICF criteria for the Associate Coach Certificate. The only things that remain for you to do are as follows:

  • Complete 100 coaching hours (at least 75 hours of which has to be with paying clients) with a minimum of 8 clients. At least 25 of the 100 hours has to occur within 18 months before you submit the application for the credential.
  • Purchase ICF membership.

ICF Professional Certified Coach (PCC)

Upon completion of all 5 Modules of The Art & Science of Coaching, and the Associate Coach Certification requirements, you have almost arrived at your Professional Certified Coach designation. All that is left for you to do is as follows:

  • Complete and log 500 coaching hours (at least 450 hours of which has to be with paying clients) with a minimum of 25 clients. A minimum of 50 of these hours has to be done within the 18 months before you submit the application for the credential.
  • Purchase ICF membership.

ICF Master Certified Coach (MCC)

For you to achieve the ICF’s Master Certified Coach Designation, coaches complete meet added criteria to become classed as an expert coach:

  • Complete and log 2,500 coaching hours (at least 2,250 of which has to be with paying clients) with a minimum of 35 clients.
  • Undergo 10 hours of Mentor Coaching.
  • Performance evaluation (2 audio records and written transcripts of coaching appointments).
  • Achieve the Coach Knowledge Assessment (CKA) – (unless previously passed when applying for ACC or PCC designations).
  • Purchase ICF Membership.

Having achieved an ICF recognised credential gives you far more credibility and inspires more confidence in potential clients that you are a legitimate, experienced and professional coach. It also demonstrates that you adhere to a strong code of ethics, and have a thorough knowledge and applied skill level of coaching techniques. ICF certified coach training certification also reinforces the integrity of the coaching profession both nationally and internationally.

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January 10, 2019
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