Organisational Coaching

See How Coaching in Organisations has Become a Key Role in Success

The ICF's 2016 Report says, 54% of managers and leaders within organisations use coaching techniques.

Customise your organisational coaching to your specific project or needs within your company

38 years experience, 40,000 coaches globally in 27 countries! We are the spearhead global Coach Training Institution, Erickson International has been coaching in organisations innumerable times to develop coaching skills at the place of work. A lot of our clients have made Erickson’s vision of “Changing the world, one conversation at a time” their own, in an endeavour to make transformational change in their organisations.

Clients choose to contact Erickson for a lot of reasons but they are mostly companies who want to incorporate coaching into competency, not just with their leadership style but all the way through the organisation. Coaching in organisations is growing into a core competency prerequisite at work!

Based on how the human mind works, organisational success theories and operations in cognitive psychology, Erickson organisational coaching programmes are centred on Solution Focused concepts and Outcome Coaching, providing a practical and relevant synergy between work and core values.

Our clients

Change your coaching in organisations to a Solution-Focused and results-producing coaching culture

5 outcomes you can gain from Erickson’s Organisational Coaching programmes
  1. Accountability for action, outcomes, and defined results
  2. Increased team performance and camaraderie
  3. Staff Retention of your best performers
  4. Improved staff engagement and productivity
  5. Bench strength solidified
The Rewarding Results of Leadership Coaching
executive coaching roi
(Source: Brandon Hall Group’s State of Performance Management study, a comparison was done on Level 4 vs other organisations)

Do you want to know what Erickson Coach Development Programmes has done for other organisations?

View our case studies.

While education and corporate development demand a lot of time and financial investment from businesses, Erickson acknowledges the hardship organisations go through to coach employees for days at a time. Learned skills need to be consistently applied on a day to day basis for benefits to be realised. Erickson is renowned for our thoughtfulness and flexibility in delivery.

Training can be carried out in-house at your premises. This enables organisations to create a delivery method that accommodates their budget and schedule.

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