The Art of Science of Mindfulness

Gain Greater Clarity of Purpose, Direction, and Actions

The Art & Science of Mindfulness is Erickson’s most recent innovative coaching course, created to address the stressful demands of modern-day life by integrating the science of mindfulness into everyday situations.

Research shows us that the most highly successful people and top performing business leaders use simple but highly effective mindfulness strategies to become more centred, gain better emotional control, and make the right decisions in alignment with their overall life vision.

The Art & Science of Mindfulness study course was created to help you leave behind disempowering experiences and discover peace around your emotional life history. The Science of Mindfulness course also enables you to separate yourself from the stressful efforts of control, and realise a greater sense of playfulness and tranquillity.

By taking our powerful Art of Science of Mindfulness course you will develop in the following areas:

  • Go into Mindfulness Meditation
  • Improve your focus, concentration, and attention to detail
  • Move from reactive to reflective actions
  • Harmonise your personal vision and values
  • Actively listen and with less judgment to yourself and others
  • Enhance your interpersonal communication skills
  • Maximise self-awareness and creativity
  • Detach from the ongoing stressful attempts of control
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January 10, 2019
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